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The divine origin of Scripture

At the present moment in the life of the Church, there is an urgent need to reaffirm with deep conviction and clarity the divine origin of Scripture. Continue reading

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Suppose the Bible had never been written

It’s easy to take our clichés for granted in a world that either doesn’t get it or sneers at it. Phrases like, “The Bible says…” or “The biblical approach….” (in the wider culture) are often ineffective and counterproductive to our desire to encourage people to hear from God. But there is also a danger with going too far in adjusting our language for culture. Continue reading

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The Bible – a strange yet realistically hopeful book

Are there some really strange things in the Bible? Yes. Some of these things are explained later in the book. But so much of what you find in the Bible corresponds closely to human reality and fills gaps of knowledge on sources behind these realities. Read the Bible with an open mind. It answers important questions humans intuitively pursue. Continue reading

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