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Elentics and the Holy Spirit

All who care about reaching others with the goodnews of salvation must care about elentics Continue reading

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A painful and humbling truth

A painful and humbling truth we must hear… Continue reading

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Do you understand common grace?

How do we remain serious about lines between belief and unbelief (between those who live in the boundaries of saving grace and those who do not), while at the same time showing active appreciation for all that is good, beautiful and outside of those boundaries? Continue reading

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Challenges and Opportunities

As the culture moves further from God, we have an even greater opportunity live out the identity Jesus assigned when he said,…. Continue reading

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18-29 Year olds

I don’t pretend to be an expert in this area but I’ve been privileged to have more than 28 years of ministry working with those in the life phase of emerging adulthood. This also happens to be the age group of our four adult children. In view of this, I offer 10 suggestions for ministry as a means to better serve those we care deeply about. I also welcome feedback (correction, expansion, explanation, etc…). Continue reading

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Living on Mission

Eight Identity Markers and Callings of Christ Followers “Missions is an authorized activity carried out by the tenants on the instructions of the owner of the property” (by Christopher Wright,). Salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13) Light of the world (Matthew … Continue reading

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Common grace and the local Church

Younger evangelicals tend to be suspicious of some of the non-negotiable lines drawn by their spiritual predecessors. This is particularly the case where those lines were used to make strong distinctions between those (Christians) who were in from those who were out. Suspicions … Continue reading

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Intelligent Design: an interview with Stephen Meyer


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The best hope for our nation

 In a recent piece for Huffpost Religion, Christian Smith (professor of Sociology, Notre Dame University), suggested that the emerging generation (those in what he calls “adultolescence”) has rejected sectarian conflict over religious differences that dominated American life a few generations ago and turned to … Continue reading

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Perhaps truth matters to them

Downloads of sermons by Mark Driscoll, (the preaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington), number more than 100,000 each week. More than 10,000 attend his Church and the majority are young people. Driscoll is intelligent and not afraid … Continue reading

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