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Worship and Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not solely about me – what happened to me and who did it. It’s about God—who He is and His authority as Judge. Continue reading

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How great is our God!

Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name. But who am I,… Continue reading

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Amazing Grace

What was the original text for the song Amazing Grace? Continue reading

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Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety distorts our ability to focus on God and to experience His protective shield of His peace. Continue reading

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A supreme regard for a better world

May I maintain a supreme regard to another and better world, and feel and confess myself a stranger and a pilgrim here. Continue reading

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Ten reasons for praying

Sometimes we need reminded of just how important prayer is to everything. Keep this list near you and share it with others. Continue reading

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Solitude and Silence

f silence.  The best way to achieve silence during worship is to practice silence as part of our everyday lives. … When this is a natural habit of our daily lives, then when silence is introduced at specific times … we are perfectly comfortable with it Continue reading

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God and the heart

How important is the heart to God? Continue reading

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Short audio reflections (90 seconds each)

Seven 90 second audio devotionals Continue reading

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Four servants of God who battled fierce despair

Four servants of God. Each one reached an extremely low point in life. All of them felt that life was no longer worth living. Continue reading

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