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God of the vulnerable

“What a contrast. We see God, the most potent and self-sufficient Power imaginable, continually expressing profound concern for the least potent and self-sufficient — the orphan in distress.” Continue reading

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A calling for exiled people

Answering the call to be active parts of ordinary life in your city of exile. Continue reading

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Where can I find hope?

Hope is like a necessary fuel for life in a fallen world. Life quickly becomes a miserable business for the person who loses hope. Could we say reaching for hope is both intuitive to humanity and reminds us that we … Continue reading

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Renewed focus on common grace

We need to give thoughtful consideration of the activities of God outside of the context of redemption. I don’t mean activities completely disconnected from redemptive work because everything traces a degree of connection back to God’s redemption. We need to … Continue reading

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Seek the welfare of your city

Our presence and involvement in our cities of exile should be characterized by strategic engagement for the good of the city. Continue reading

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My current project

Formulating a vision for life and ministry based on the full theological framework for both Christian engagement and cultivation of faithfulness in the totality of life. This project interfaces with my work on Christian counseling in the following two posts: … Continue reading

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The best hope for our nation

 In a recent piece for Huffpost Religion, Christian Smith (professor of Sociology, Notre Dame University), suggested that the emerging generation (those in what he calls “adultolescence”) has rejected sectarian conflict over religious differences that dominated American life a few generations ago and turned to … Continue reading

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How can a Church experience community?

Do your gatherings facilitate the kind of community God desires for the Church?
How can a Church experience deep community with only two gatherings a week? Continue reading

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Why I choose the Christian worldview

Sometimes I am asked why I believe in Christianity and follow the Bible. Although I am well-aware of arguments against both, I cannot find an alternative worldview that corresponds with reality as comprehensively as Christianity. This doesn’t mean I find … Continue reading

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Preparing people to meet God

“Christian mission can never be reduced to preparing people for this life” (D. A. Carson). In “our materialistic culture, passionately focused on the comforts of this life and pleasures of the now,” D. A. Carson calls for “the urgent restoration … Continue reading

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