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Are you a social cannibal?

Some people enjoy bad news about others. They savor bits of gossip and slander. You might want to keep your distance from them. Continue reading

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When words cannot restore trust

Those who significantly hurt others must understand that their attitude and actions will affect the process of rebuilding trust. Continue reading

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Are you discouraged by disunity?

There are many threats to Christian unity but the key to unity in a Church is not the absence of conflict but a shared commitment to pursue reconciliation when conflict occurs Continue reading

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When people leave a Church

There is nothing unusual about people leaving churches. Larger Churches might not feel the effects of losing people as much as smaller ones — but all Churches face the issue. Continue reading

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Question about forgiveness and reconciliation

Here’s a question I was asked in a piece I wrote for TheGospelCoalition:  What can you do when you feel a person has severely wronged you but the person simply doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong? In this case, … Continue reading

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How to practice unity on debatable matters

 If God has not specifically addressed a behavior, activity, tradition or doctrine, it is a disputable area (Romans 14:1-3) and therefore an area of freedom. On such matters, we must never try to manipulate biblical data to make it appear that God has explicitly spoken. … Continue reading

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A closer look at forgiveness

To allow an injury to double into resentment and bitterness only brings deeper misery into our lives. Emotional revenge might feel natural and even justifiable but emotions like anger and resentment only spread injury and pain. They also become a means of giving an offender more control over our lives. Continue reading

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Watch out for social cannibals

Why are we drawn to bad news about others? Continue reading

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Watch out for antagonists

These individuals use a variety of deceitful tactics to separate and alienate people from each other. They take twisted pleasure in dividing people, especially if it draws a following for themselves. Continue reading

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A jungle full of hungry jerks

  Are you a pushover for predatory jerks? In “Don’t Let the Jerks get the Best of You,” Dr. Paul Meier warns that, “we are living in a jungle and its full of hungry jerks.” If you need help dealing … Continue reading

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