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My letter in USA TODAY (The rest of it….)

Below is my letter in USA TODAY. One line they left out is important: “If you (Tiger and Elin) need motivation, (to work on the marriage) read Judith S. Wallerstein’s landmark book, “The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A 25 Year … Continue reading

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Religion, Tiger Woods and Brit Hume

When Tiger Woods was exposed for his extra-marital affairs, Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume dared to express concern for Tiger’s personal well-being and found himself in a storm of controversy. Hume acknowledged that Woods will survive the scandal … Continue reading

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A powerful obstacle to spiritual growth

If you’ve had a messed up 18-year factor, or faced some great difficulty or loss during that time, how can you move from diagnosis to cure? You acknowledge that it had a destructive defining influence on your life and relationships and you … Continue reading

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Brit Hume’s Tiger Woods remarks…

Need some thoughtful response to Brit Hume’s expressions of concern for Tiger Woods? Something more than typical knee-jerk reactions? Michael Gerson’s column in The Washington Post, (Brit Hume’s Tiger Woods remarks shine light on true intolerance, 1-8-2010), is the place to … Continue reading

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