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Two versions of reality

Why do humans everywhere throughout all of history intuitively feel a pervasive longing for meaning, morality and destiny? Continue reading

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Where are the profound atheists?

On my flight to Orlando, Florida this morning, I enjoyed a collection of essays (In the Aftermath: Provocations and Laments) by David Bentley Hart. Few authors challenge me as much as Hart. Early in the book, Hart laments a lack of … Continue reading

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Theophobia: Fear of religion in the Academy

My good friend, Dr. Michael Murray, Executive Vice President, Programs & Vice President, Philosophy and Theology, The John Templeton Foundation and former professor of philosophy at Franklin and Marshal College (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) is a distinguished author and lecturer, well-loved by his students.  … Continue reading

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“You don’t Go There”

One of the Greatest Challenges to Christian witness and missions  By Steve Cornell

 In the very near future, America will cease to be the primary sending nation for Christian missionaries. Already large numbers of missionaries are being sent from places … Continue reading

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Are religious believers terrorists in disguise?

Are deeply religious people really terrorists in disguise? Should those who believe in a God who created the world and to whom each human is accountable be suspected of imperialistic or terroristic motives? Many have wrongly assumed that strongly held religious beliefs should be … Continue reading

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Theophobia: Fear of religion at the Academy

Dr. Michael Murray, professor of philosophy at Franklin and Marshal College (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) is a distinguished author, lecturer and well-loved among his students. Mike has also been a good friend of mine for many years. We have enjoyed many deep … Continue reading

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