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Lord, help us be united

Unity is challenging because the relationships in the church are not to be superficial or casual. The picture of life together for those who follow Christ is … Continue reading

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Prayer, testimonies, and hearing from God

Words of caution for the journey. Continue reading

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A great interview with Phillip Yancey!

A deeply moving and compelling story of a great author. Continue reading

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Humble, loving, truth-telling Christians in community

As we live our calling to be humble, loving, truth-telling Christians in community – in mutual affection and honor for one another, the case is made for the power of the gospel to transform people. Continue reading

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Setbacks on my path to ministry

When I began the path of preparation for ministry, I recall a pastor warning me, “Those whom God uses greatly, He tests greatly.” I had no idea what he meant. I now understand. Yet along the way, I often felt that things should be easier if God was leading me. Continue reading

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