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Orlando terror act exploited

There is a very dangerous agenda being attached to the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando. It is disgraceful to see this tragedy exploited to … Continue reading

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Responding to acts of terrorism

How could it be honorable and loving to remain passive while people are being terrorized and killed unjustly. Continue reading

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When is war necessary?

Is it possible to have a just war? Could a decision to go to war ever be the best and most loving choice? Continue reading

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Two columns this weekend

It’s been my privilege to write for two newspapers for many years. This weekend, I had columns in the Morning Call of Allentown, Pennsylvania (USA) and the Sunday News of Lancaster, Pennsylvania (USA). The combined potential readership is over half a … Continue reading

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Naming terrorists and their motives

In the wake of the Boston bombings, many conservatives have been upset by an apparent unwillingness on the part of the White House to specifically name acts of terror and their sources. Two prominent voices, Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer, … Continue reading

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Remember their sacrifices

The last Monday of May is set aside to remember those who answered the call of duty and laid down their lives in a service toward their fellow citizens.  Originally known as Decorations Day, mourners honored the Civil War dead by decorating … Continue reading

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Blaming Religion for violence

Old myths die slowly. Such is the case with the notion that religion is the primary cause of violence and oppression. Atheistic like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are well-known for promoting this myth. After 9/11, a British reporter echoed the … Continue reading

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Response to Fort Hood Massacre

I am not always a fan of well-known columnist, David Brooks. But his column The Rush to therapy is excellent. In it he analyzes the initial national media and Washington response to the Fort Hood massacre. His conclusion says it … Continue reading

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If democrats win in 2008

Personal thoughts about the 2008 Presidential election:    1.     The thing I dread most about the upcoming national election is being pummeled by a mud-slinging barrage of negative television and radio ads. The money spent on negative campaigning is unconscionable … Continue reading

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6 questions about war

1. Is it possible to execute a ‘Just’ war?
2. What would you say to Christians who follow pacifism?
3. Is war evil or, at best, a necessary evil? Could war ever be a good thing?
4. Explain to us how a Just war can be a form of love?
5. Are Christians sinning when they stand by and watch evil people perpetuate violence?
Continue reading

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