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7 consequences in the fall of humanity

7 consequences from the fall of humanity correspond significantly with 7 majors at our universities.

It offers amazingly plausible connections between the story of the fall of humanity and the resulting reality we all understand. Continue reading

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Overcoming desire with desire

Adapted from David Powlison’s “I Am Motivated When I Feel Desire.” Can you change what you want? Yes! This is central to the work of the Holy Spirit. You will always desire, love, trust, believe, fear, obey, long for, value, … Continue reading

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Facebook photos: good, bad and ugly

Are Facebook photos always innocent? Consider a few thoughts about Facebook photos – the good, the bad and the ugly. The Good: reconnecting with old friends Facebook photos we can help us reconnect with friends and see their family without being invited … Continue reading

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Reality check on sexual temptation

“Show me a man who can control sexual passion and I’ll show you someone who can control every other area of his life.” Continue reading

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