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Four kinds of children and parents

Over the years, I’ve observed four kinds of children in dysfunctional homes. Consider your approach to parenting and the possible affects it has on your children. Continue reading

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Three approaches to communication and leadership

Sometimes we’re not seeing the results we desire in relationships because we fail to recognize that different situations call for different approaches to communication and leadership. Continue reading

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The seduction of inadequacy

Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong’o gives a speech on beauty that every girl should hear. Avoiding the seduction of inadequacy. You can’t feed beauty. What great phrases! Continue reading

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Whose Idols are in the way?

The anger, frustration, discouragement, irritation, impatience, and fear that parents feel during the teen years not only reveal that the teen is struggling, but that the parents are as well. Continue reading

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Five essentials of life with God

  The Old Testament book of Proverbs invites the reader to sit in on a conversation between a father and a son. The line, “Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction…” (1:7), makes matters intensely personal. In Proverbs 1-7, we walk … Continue reading

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Conversation starters for parents

Good things happen when groups of parents get together to talk with each other about the work of parenting.  The quotes and Scriptures below offer great material for starting conversations among parents. The best way to hold these discussions is … Continue reading

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Dealing with the manipulative child

If you don’t correct this behavior, when your child becomes an adult, he’ll be in for a lot of conflict and trouble — unless, of course, he can continue to surround himself with people he can control; people who are willing to enable him. If you allow this kind of maneuvering and fast talk to manipulate you as a parent, you only participate in the demise of his future. Continue reading

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