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Two builders and a catastrophic storm

Sometimes a storm of crisis or calamity reveals what manner of person we are, for ‘true piety is not fully distinguished from its counterfeit till it comes to the trial’ Continue reading

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Hope large enough to overcome death

Where is there hope sufficiently encompassing to enable us to know that all our pain and suffering has not been in vain? Continue reading

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Allured by love

He promises to draw us apart, for there he can best deal with us, and this separated place is not to be a Paradise, but a wilderness, since in such a place… Continue reading

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When the storms hit…

Truths to carry and guide us in difficult times. Continue reading

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Five parts to our story

If we hope to live well in a painfully complicated and broken world… Continue reading

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Buried or planted?

A perspective to challenge us in times when we feel unproductive or when we’ve been unfaithful.

An application of this distinction (Buried or Planted) could be made at the graveside of every believer in Christ. Continue reading

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Forgiving those who hurt you

Extending forgiveness is far more difficult for those who do not often celebrate their own forgiveness and for those who cannot confess that God is Lord of their circumstances Continue reading

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Abundant life includes pain and struggle

It sometimes doesn’t feel good to be a Christian on the straight and narrow. Continue reading

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Weakness is the way

Does God allow us to stay with the idea that we are strong? Continue reading

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Discipline vs. Punishment

Jesus bore the punishment our sin (all of it) deserved. Should we then be uncomfortable with the thought that God punishes believers for specific sins? Continue reading

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