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Fill me with joy in your presence

God’s kingdom is always ready to challenge the desires that preoccupy everyone (Matthew 6:32). God is always calling us away from lesser desires to draw us to more noble and lasting passions. Continue reading

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Grace and Responsibility

“Mercy is not effectively received unless it is shown, for God’s mercy transforms. If God’s mercy does not take root in the heart, it is not experienced. Forgiveness not shown is forgiveness not known.” Continue reading

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Nothing wasted

After each of the following Scriptures, make a list of the purposes accomplished through suffering. Then talk to God about what you learned. Continue reading

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Most important spiritual lesson

I am continually relearning this truth about my total dependence on God. Continue reading

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3 characteristics of true Christians

If we compromise on #’s 2 & 3, we’ll cut the power line to # 1. Spiritual growth should deepen our commitments to #’s 2 & 3. Without this we will not experience # 1. Continue reading

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Reflections on the Spirit-filled life

5 Summary points for individual believers and local Churches Continue reading

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What is the fruit of the Spirit?

After considering a brief explanation of each virtue in the fruit (singular) of the Spirit, we will apply the fruit of the Spirit as a covenant of shared life or community. Continue reading

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