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Five resources on perspective, attitude and speech

Attitude is important in our relationships. Check out the following resources on perspective, attitude and speech. Continue reading

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Three approaches to communication and leadership

Sometimes we’re not seeing the results we desire in relationships because we fail to recognize that different situations call for different approaches to communication and leadership. Continue reading

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Are you a cantankerous Christian?

Whether old or young, ask yourself if you’re known for being cantankerous and irritable or gracious and grateful. Continue reading

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Formula E429 could change your life!

Think of how many times we could defuse a situation by choosing better words and tones. But don’t miss my WARNING LABEL! Continue reading

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The President’s Speech

It’s frankly a little scary to think that our leaders so boldly take us for fools. Continue reading

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Judge not, lest you be judged.

What exactly did Jesus mean when he spoke these words?
Was he advocating a mind your own business policy?
Was he forbidding all judgments about the actions of others? Continue reading

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How we got here

  As we witness sharp changes in public opinion on social issues, it’s worth asking questions about some possible upstream influences that led to the changes. It’s tempting to focus on the pressing realities of downstream consequences. Shifts in political opinions … Continue reading

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The State of the Union and of our National conversation

President Obama is no doubt one of the best orators we’ve had in the White House. Yet he chose a tone in his State of the Union that hurt his communication. He conveyed more of a sense of aggravation and … Continue reading

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Watch your tone!

When one of the tones listed here is prominent in your way of communicating, it points to deeper issues, — heart issues that must be resolved. Continue reading

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Words and tones are windows to the heart

How we talk to and about each other says a lot about the quality of our relationship. This is one reason why it’s important to do a little inventory about the way we use our words. Church leaders should teach people … Continue reading

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