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A word to Christian counselors

Starting a conversation… __________________________________________ Steve Cornell

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What is sin?

Sin spoils the goods, stains the garments. It is a hitch in one’s gait, a wandering from the path, a fragmenting of the whole. Continue reading

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I often meet people who do life with an underlying self-loathing. They sometimes appear confident and nice on the surface, but for those who try to get close to them, it’s a different story. Continue reading

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Understanding human behavior

What is the starting point for breaking cycles of destructive behavior? Continue reading

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A Christian understanding of Government

Democracy is not an achievement secured but an experiment to be advanced. It is both gift and task. Continue reading

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Social cannibals on the hunt

Like hungry cannibals savoring the flesh of another person, social cannibals have an appetite for the problems, difficulties, and failures of others. It’s dangerous being in their company because you might end up in their pot. Continue reading

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Seek the welfare of the city

Allegiance to their Creator faded as they became increasingly enamored with the allurements of culture around them. Continue reading

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Common grace ministry

How do we remain serious about lines between belief and unbelief while at the same time showing active appreciation for all that is good and beautiful outside of those boundaries? Continue reading

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The expanded role of medical doctors

Although doctors are primarily charged with caring for physical health, over the last three to four decades, doctors have been called to take the role that was once reserved for a different profession. Continue reading

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Four reactions to culture

Wisdom calls us to engage in truth-based dialogue and persuasion in settings like family, work, community and government… Continue reading

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