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When life hurts

When bad things happen to us that we cannot directly control and that prayer will not immediately change, we might find ourselves wrestling through dark nights of the soul concerning how God relates to the hardships of life. Continue reading

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Comfort for those afraid of death

  In a NYT column titled, You Are Going to Die, Tim Kreider offered a transparent look at some of the realities of aging, suffering and death. The following line stood out to me: “….we don’t have a choice. You are older at … Continue reading

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When faith causes you to doubt

I believe in a God whose love is so great that He is love. I believe in a God who is so powerful that He is all-powerful. But sometimes I struggle to reconcile this world with my belief in such a God. … Continue reading

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From Glory to Sin To Glory

Sin is not only a rejection of God’s loving rulership, it’s a corruption of the glory of our original creation. It’s a fall from glory. When sin became part of our experience, it required the addition of prefixes and suffixes … Continue reading

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When God restores you

 Do you ever feel like you need God to do a work of restoration in your life? We need times of refreshment and restoration. We need this because something has been depleted or diminished. I can identify with this experience … Continue reading

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Prayer for the sick (James 5)

When should those who are sick call for the elders of the Church? This question is raised because of James 5:13-20. Read the passage carefully: “Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him … Continue reading

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