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Prescription for a better love-life

Men and women tend to approach sex very differently. Understanding this difference is important for minimizing the conflict. Continue reading

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Worship your way out of porn

“I have a friend who says, ‘You worship your way into porn and you must worship your way out’” (D. A. Carson).   In this three-minute clip, Carson talks about steps to take for overcoming temptation. See also: Overcoming desire with … Continue reading

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Seven Links worth checking out

AROUSING OURSELVES TO DEATH Porn Is Ravaging Our Churches MARTYR MONDAY: CHINA: PASTOR LI DEXIAN The Flight From Conversation Nature by Iwona Drozda-Sibeijn Suffering is a Gift On voting for Mitt Romney Why Your Gadgets’ Batteries Degrade Over Time

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Differences between men and women

Why is sex a primary source of conflict in marriage? Continue reading

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Overcoming desire with desire

Adapted from David Powlison’s “I Am Motivated When I Feel Desire.” Can you change what you want? Yes! This is central to the work of the Holy Spirit. You will always desire, love, trust, believe, fear, obey, long for, value, … Continue reading

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Facebook photos: good, bad and ugly

Are Facebook photos always innocent? Consider a few thoughts about Facebook photos – the good, the bad and the ugly. The Good: reconnecting with old friends Facebook photos we can help us reconnect with friends and see their family without being invited … Continue reading

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Addictions: battling obsessions

Addictions are a big problem—-especially, it seems, for men. As a man and as a pastor, I typically stay alert to thoughtful and transparent focus on this subject and I stumbled upon an article that I appreciated. It’s source is not … Continue reading

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