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Longing to see the One who loves us

How do we cultivate deep love and joy at the thought of seeing our Savior? Continue reading

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Difficult times

More and more people even in the Church are viewing God as one who ought to secure the good life for them. They think that God should respond to whatever is asked of him or risk disappointment from them. Continue reading

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Top 5 Arguments against eternal punishment

Most people know that the Bible doesn’t describe a pleasant end for those who reject God’s offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. But what type of judgment falls on them? Continue reading

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Do you expect to live after your earthly life ends?

There appears to be among all people throughout history a very strong intuition that physical death does not permanently terminate human existence. Most people are also inclined to believe in the possibility of some kind of postmortem accountability to a … Continue reading

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Rejecting a shelter mentality

When God’s people were exiled in Babylon, God continued to speak to them. He instructed his servant Jeremiah to write a letter to His exiled people. One word he wrote to them offered hope and assurance for their future: “This … Continue reading

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Now that the world didn’t end…

  Seven lessons to take to heart Another prediction of the end of the world has itself come to an end. Harold Camping (the 89-year-old founder of Family Radio who made the prediction) will probably go back to his drawing … Continue reading

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Path to perfect health (New Year Meditation)

Dancing lightly on the surface of the earth: “Christianity is, among other things, the wonderfully good news that this life is not our whole story… The few years that we live in this body… are a kind of pilgrimage, a … Continue reading

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Judgment, return, and reign of Christ

Scripture reveals that a time of testing will come upon the whole earth. It will be tribulation such as the world has never known before. It will culminate in the return of Christ in glory – to the earth. LEARN MORE HERE… Continue reading

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God’s plan for the ages: the big picture

  God’s plan “…involves the whole of God’s creation: the destinies of individuals (men and angels), world history (the gradual and climactic implementation of the kingdom of God), and creation itself (as it waits eagerly for the revealing of the … Continue reading

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