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Suppose the Bible had never been written

It’s easy to take our clichés for granted in a world that either doesn’t get it or sneers at it. Phrases like, “The Bible says…” or “The biblical approach….” (in the wider culture) are often ineffective and counterproductive to our desire to encourage people to hear from God. But there is also a danger with going too far in adjusting our language for culture. Continue reading

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Applying Scripture (7 Tests)

Many people misapply or even abuse the statements and promises of Scripture. Test yourself in this area by answering the following 7 questions? How much should be included when applying the statement, “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives … Continue reading

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God told me

  It sounds very spiritual for someone to say, “God led me,” or “God told me,” but I am a bit suspicious of a person who implies that she has a line of direct communication from God.  I am even … Continue reading

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Are you feeling down?

Long winter months and difficult seasons of life can take their toll on us. They can lead to a state of discouragement.  It’s easy to become discouraged in this broken world. When we find ourselves under waves of discouragement, we … Continue reading

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Jesus, the Law and You (part I)

How should we apply the content of the Old Testament to our lives today? More specifically, how should we relate to the Old Testament Law? Should we use it as a guide for our behavior? Are we required to obey the Law in the same way as Old Testament believers were required? Continue reading

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