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Is capital punishment mandated by God?

Occasionally I am asked how I reconcile my pro-life position with my support of capital punishment. I answer by showing how both positions (pro-life and pro-capital punishment) endorse…. Continue reading

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My appeal to President Obama

On the third Sunday in January, Churches throughout our nation observe “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.” They do this partly to protest against the 1973 Supreme Court decision (Roe vs. Wade) which legalized abortion on demand. But they are also positively endorsing … Continue reading

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Sanctity even in the quality of human life?

Abortion advocates will sometimes say that the issue in abortion is not always the sanctity of life but the quality of it. Severely handicapped persons, it is argued, will not have a life worth living.  On this basis, detection of … Continue reading

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Abortion talk: A false dilemma exposed

Perhaps those who oppose abortion side with the health and safety of women. What do the facts substantiate? Continue reading

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