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Is religion the primary cause of violence?

Religion divides but is it the primary source of most, if not all, of the violent enmities of the world? Continue reading

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What does responsible citizenship look like?

It’s not easy to find well-balanced (accessible) statements on the role of Christians in government, especially of the representative form in the USA. Part of the problem is that we simply have no explicit parallels in Scripture to believers living … Continue reading

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Radical love? Who lives this way?

Radical love for enemies? Lending without expecting payment? Kindness to ungrateful and wicked people? Non-retaliation? Who lives like this? What would happen to the world if the Church deeply embraced radical love? Is it possible to overcoming evil with good? In … Continue reading

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Blaming Religion for violence

Old myths die slowly. Such is the case with the notion that religion is the primary cause of violence and oppression. Atheistic like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are well-known for promoting this myth. After 9/11, a British reporter echoed the … Continue reading

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Key to ministry in postmodern times

Times have changed and churches must be aware of those changes if they desire to be faithful to the mission of Christ.  A generation has come up that doesn’t see the world the same way their predecessors saw it. But … Continue reading

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