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Do you understand common grace?

How do we remain serious about lines between belief and unbelief (between those who live in the boundaries of saving grace and those who do not), while at the same time showing active appreciation for all that is good, beautiful and outside of those boundaries? Continue reading

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A Great Statement of Faith

The essence of God’s action in wrath is to give men what they choose, in all its implications: nothing more, and equally nothing less. Continue reading

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Why do theologians pass over Cain?

When considering the effects of Adam’s sin on humanity, it seems reasonable to look closely at the children of Adam. Yet, for all that has been written about the fall, very little is focused on Cain and Abel. Check the major … Continue reading

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A closer look at the effects of Adam’s sin

There has been a good bit of recent focus on the historical personhood of Adam. Interestingly, after Genesis 5, the Old Testament does not mention Adam. He doesn’t reappear in Scripture until the genealogy of Jesus. There is a kind of … Continue reading

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Total Depravity?

Caution is needed about articulating a doctrine of human depravity from the wrong starting point. Can a misguided understanding of this important truth lead to over-renunciation? Continue reading

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A truncated view of sin?

Truncated: shortened by having a part cut off. I’ve written monthly columns for public newspapers for many years. I had no idea how much this opportunity would discipline me to convey truth to a wide spectrum of readers. I realized early on that I would … Continue reading

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God is sovereign; Humans are accountable

If we teach either one in a way that diminishes the other, we do not faithfully represent the truth. Continue reading

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Two truths we must honor:

God is unconditionally sovereign Humans are responsible and accountable These two truths are presented repeatedly  in Scripture as authentic and compatible realities. If we teach either one in a way that diminishes the other, we do not faithfully represent Biblical … Continue reading

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Watching Over One Another

A neglected ministry in the Church  All of those who receive God’s gift of salvation can be confident that God will preserve them as His children all of their days on earth into eternity. This great truth has been titled, … Continue reading

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Human responsibility and God’s sovereign election

Beyond my own comments on this subject, I’ve included several helpful summaries related to God’s sovereign election and the moral responsibility of human beings. Consider the following excellent summary. The Westminster Confession “God from all eternity, did, by the most … Continue reading

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