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Can prison inmates choose gender identity?

Why shouldn’t we trust prisoners on gender change? Continue reading

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A night in solitary confinement

“Colorado’s Head of Department of Corrections, Rick Raemish, changed his thinking about Solitary Confinement (Ad Seg) after spending 20 hours in a cell.” Continue reading

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Alternatives to prison needed

We’ve created a serious and often overlooked national crisis in overcrowded prisons. The average citizen is unaware of how bad it is and of the growing tax burden it creates. Continue reading

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Hope and change we really need

As we’ve increasingly become a culture where everyone does what is right in his own eyes and looks out for himself at the expense of others, the force of law has stepped in to regulate our individual and common lives. … Continue reading

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The heart of our problem

Political and cultural changes cannot adequately address our deepest needs. There is clearly an important place for these concerns, but a wider focus is needed if we hope to get to the heart of our problems. Continue reading

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Wisdom on suffering

“Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge” (Psalm 62:8). Dick Keyes “The Bible does not give us a quick and easy answer to why God allows evil to continue … Continue reading

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Finding freedom in a prison

  “It’s not only others who threaten my freedom. I am a threat to my own freedom” (Peter J. Leithart). This bit of truth reminded me of some wise words I heard one day when I spoke to a group … Continue reading

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Overcrowded prisons in America

There is a growing unnoticed social crisis in our nation that must be understood and addressed. With more citizens (per capita) incarcerated than any other nation, overcrowded prisons in America have become a social crisis. The prisons and local jails … Continue reading

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Looking for better solutions to overcrowded prisons

“County prison inmates released: About 100 out in bid to trim population.” As I often do, I wrote to a letter of response: As a community leader, I commend the Prison Board, warden and staff, and the Adult Probation & … Continue reading

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The hurts and disappointments of life

In this world, it’s easy to become a loss lamenting, grievance collecting — Eeyorish kind of person. But this gloom and doom mentality only spirals life into a depressing cycle of emotional ups and downs. It’s an exhausting way to … Continue reading

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