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Postmodern conversion

Five thresholds of postmodern conversion. Continue reading

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Science-Creation Debate

I think we need more transparency about what science can and cannot do/prove. This will require more honesty about ways that Theophobia has bound the academy to a philosophy of naturalism. Continue reading

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Eight truths for all people

  We are all sinners who receive the penalty of death (Romans 3:10, 23; 5:12). God has demonstrated His love for all (John 3:16;Romans 5:8). God desires salvation for all (I Timothy 2:3-4;II Peter 3:9). God has made provision for salvation for … Continue reading

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The dignity and worth of human beings

Viktor Frankl endured three years of anguish in the Auschwitz concentration camp. After his rescue, he became a professor of Psychiatry and Neurology in the University of Vienna. Frankl recounted his horrific experiences and some lessons to be learned in his book, … Continue reading

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They still want to know what it means

Postmodern concern for plurality, diversity and tolerance have not led to a more stable and secure society. Instead, the postmodern era exchanged one misguided mood for another. Postmodernity was fueled by a shift from the human optimism of modernity (based on scientific certainty and technological progress), to a pessimistic mood of skepticism and uncertainty. Continue reading

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Subversive Gospel-centered Communities

If we hope to compel others with a gospel that is “the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16), we must display this power in humble, loving, truth-telling communities of mutual affection and honor: “Love each … Continue reading

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How people experience guilt and shame

Have you ever heard of the term elentics?  Don’t bother with google because you won’t find much about it. Elentics comes from a Greek word translated into the english word “convict” ( ἐλέγχω / elencho). It means to expose, convict or reprove. Jesus used this word … Continue reading

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