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6 links worth seeing

A Review of O’Reilly’s Killing Jesus “So kudos on placing Jesus’ life in the wider historical context of the time and for vividly telling Jesus’ life. Read it and enjoy. But there are major fundamental flaws in the authors’ methodology … Continue reading

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8 Links worth seeing

The End of the World’s Leading ‘Ex-Gay’ Ministry Group apologizes to gay community, shuts down ‘cure’ ministry Conversion therapist: Lawsuit won’t stop us Why Do So Many Rappers Impersonate Christ?  The Evolution of the Swimsuit Marriage rate may be low, … Continue reading

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Struggle Theology

While reading some feedback on Tim Challies’ post “Desecration and Titillation,” I recalled a quote from a series of messages I gave many years ago. It came from the book, “Flirting with the Devil,” by Bill Pride and has to … Continue reading

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Check out 6 resources

10 Challenges facing us in the Next Decade The future is coming faster than ever, with the tectonic plates of society, church, culture, technology, economy and environment shifting beneath us. If you want to keep up with any of it, … Continue reading

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8 Links Worth Seeing

    The Joy and Gravity of Adoption Justice, Politics and the Cross Wheaton College Wins ‘Major Victory’ Against HHS Contraceptive Mandate Porn Use and Supporting Same-Sex Marriage A Christian Perspective on the Explosive Child The Loss of the Innocents … Continue reading

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Pursuing Wisdom (p. 3)

Since the early chapters of proverbs are words from a father to a son, these lessons are especially helpful for parents who desire to lead their children in the way of wisdom. Continue reading

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Prescription for a better love-life

Men and women tend to approach sex very differently. Understanding this difference is important for minimizing the conflict. Continue reading

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