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Longing for a better world

While I give thanks for the faithful men and women who serve our nation, I long for a better world. Continue reading

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When failure or fear become idols

Don’t waste life on past regrets and future fears! There are far better uses of our time and energy than wasting them dwelling on failures and fears.
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Resolve anxiety through worship

Overcoming anxiety through worship is found in a very significant connection between I Peter 5:6 and 5:7. In our battle against anxiety, we are called to be worshipful and watchful — resting confidently in the transcending and protective peace of God. Continue reading

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When words cannot restore trust

Those who significantly hurt others must understand that their attitude and actions will affect the process of rebuilding trust. Continue reading

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Learning from the Amish

Much of the rest of the world watched in astonishment and incredulity. Anger and revenge just seemed more natural, if not, appropriate. The Amish, however, knew something that we should all learn. Continue reading

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A time to remember

There is no greater display of dedication to one’s Nation than to give of your sons and daughters to military service. Let us pause to remember with gratitude and honor those fallen and wounded in battle! Pray for and aid the comfort of those who feel so deeply the pain of loss at this time.
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It doesn’t feel good to be a Christian

Zac Northen wrote a perceptive piece over at Relevant Magazine titled, Can Inner Peace be Misleading? His call is timely for many people: “We need to develop the wisdom for living a life that is comfortable with being uncomfortable, and … Continue reading

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Reconciled relationships matter to God

Jesus anticipated two ways conflict could disrupt peaceful relationships among his followers. He gave specific directives about two potential sides of conflict. In each case, Jesus emphasized the importance of protecting unity by placing urgency on reconciled relationships. 1. Your brother has … Continue reading

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His peace will guard you

Here’s a word from God that we need. Continue reading

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Anxiety and Peace

Peace: A word for the Season The gift of peace in four dimensions Moving from Anxiety to Peace Anxiety, worship and humility Care for the whole person Physical beings – with bodily needs- Social beings – with relational needs Spiritual beings – in … Continue reading

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