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3 approaches to leadership and parenting

Some relationships are difficult because we approach them using the wrong method of communication. Effective approaches to communication vary with different people and situations. Three approaches are helpful to consider. Directive Consulting Free-Rein Our goal should be to identify the … Continue reading

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10 Property laws of a toddler

Where did we get this sense of ownership from? Continue reading

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Parenting through the phases of life

Helpful advice for the phases of parenting and the challenges faced. Start a conversation! Continue reading

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What do most students entering university believe?

The tension is not about belief in a Creator but whether or not it is safe to believe in one absolute God — especially if one’s beliefs discredit the beliefs of others. Continue reading

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Do positives conceal negatives?

The laid-back person turns out to be lazy. The playful person proves to be immature. The confident one turns out to be arrogant. Continue reading

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10 goals for parents

Discuss with other parents ways to build the 10 positive traits without allowing them to become the negatives.
Continue reading

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Are you a hypocrite?

How could we sit in judgment on others when what is happening right under our noses or in our lives is often far worse? Continue reading

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