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Can positives conceal negatives?

The laid-back person turns out to be lazy. The playful person proves to be immature. The confident one turns out to be arrogant. Continue reading

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10 goals for parents

Discuss with other parents ways to build the 10 positive traits without allowing them to become the negatives.
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Are you a hypocrite?

How could we sit in judgment on others when what is happening right under our noses or in our lives is often far worse? Continue reading

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11 rules of life for graduates

Most kids could benefit from understanding these 11 general rules about real life. Continue reading

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The seduction of inadequacy

Oscar winner, Lupita Nyong’o gives a speech on beauty that every girl should hear. Avoiding the seduction of inadequacy. You can’t feed beauty. What great phrases! Continue reading

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Whose Idols are in the way?

The anger, frustration, discouragement, irritation, impatience, and fear that parents feel during the teen years not only reveal that the teen is struggling, but that the parents are as well. Continue reading

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7 Links worth seeing

Check out these resources on a variety of subjects! Continue reading

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