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Why do theologians pass over Cain?

When considering the effects of Adam’s sin on humanity, it seems reasonable to look closely at the children of Adam. Yet, for all that has been written about the fall, very little is focused on Cain and Abel. Check the major … Continue reading

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A closer look at the effects of Adam’s sin

There has been a good bit of recent focus on the historical personhood of Adam. Interestingly, after Genesis 5, the Old Testament does not mention Adam. He doesn’t reappear in Scripture until the genealogy of Jesus. There is a kind of … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t God put an end to evil?

  When evil things happen people commonly ask why God doesn’t do something about it or just stop it from happening.  We tend to think of God as the one who has the power and resources to change things. We’ve … Continue reading

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3 important audio messages

A Protesting and Longing Heart: If we cannot make sense of evil, what should be our response to it? How can we live in a world where so much around us grieves God? In this audio message, I bring the … Continue reading

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When God weeps

I think I know God well enough to say that He is deeply grieved by the tragic deaths of those killed in the Connecticut school. I know for sure that God did not originally want us to live in the … Continue reading

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The line dividing good and evil

  Hamlet breaks into eulogy: “What a piece of work is man!” “How noble in reason! How infinite in faculty! In form, in moving, how express and admirable! In action, how like an angel! In apprehension, how like a god! The … Continue reading

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Protecting the unity

Wouldn’t it be great if unity in the Church was never threatened or disturbed? Yet we know this isn’t reality for many reasons. A primary one is that when people receive God’s gift of salvation, it doesn’t result in subtraction … Continue reading

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