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Obama Administration warns every public school in America

What does it tell us about the Obama administration when they act as if the most urgent matter facing our country is the transgender debate? Enough is enough! They’re coming for our children. We cannot allow this intolerant coercion to control our schools and our lives! Continue reading

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Supreme court case

Imagine that Obamacare mandated provision of health insurance for the abortion procedure itself. Would you feel that companies like Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties had a right to refuse to support it? Sound like a stretch? Continue reading

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Sexual preference or Sexual orientation?

Homosexuals once used “sexual preference” to talk about their sexual lifestyle. The term “preference” was later rejected and replaced with “orientation” in an effort to remove homosexuality from a category of choice. Continue reading

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Civilized people need responsible government

Change is possible, but it will only happen when…. Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty Alert

We cannot remain silent in the face of such radical and hateful intolerance toward anyone who dares to disagree with the sexual choices of homosexuals. Continue reading

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Government doesn’t have to be the problem

In the current year of election, it appears that widespread voter apathy is converting into citizen outrage regarding government. Continue reading

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A Clash of Visions for our Nation

We cannot expect to flourish in the freedom and prosperity we’ve enjoyed if we continue to do everything possible to deny the God of our forefathers. Continue reading

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