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Spreading the Word

It is somewhat exceptional for public newspapers to allow pieces written with a Christian worldview. An editorial staff always looks closely at the amount of response and sharing a columnist receives as they consider placement of articles. This means that you can help sustain these opportunities by using feedback or sharing tools associated with articles. Continue reading

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7 Links to see

7 blog pieces worth noting. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Blast

Over the next 48 to 78 hours, a Nor’easter mix of wet, cold and snow will crawl up the East Coast making a mess for Thanksgiving travel. Plan ahead and be careful if you’re on the Northeast Coast! 

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Restore Tolerance to America

Tolerance has been the most emphasized social standard in America for the last several decades. But radical activists have hijacked tolerance and used it as a tool of power to coerce society to conform to their moral agenda.
Continue reading

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When the facts expose the agenda

How do you respond when facts emerge to expose the deception behind agenda-driven news? Please don’t retreat into frustration that leads to inaction and non-participation. I realize that sometimes it’s hard to tell who is being honest. It’s appealing to … Continue reading

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Beverly Shea dies at 104

Long time soloist for Billy Graham, George Beverly Shea, died at 104 years of age (1909-2013). Franklin Graham said of him, “Even though Bev was 10 years older than my father, he never acted his age. He was absolute fun to … Continue reading

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NCAA throws the book at Penn State Football

The consequences levied against Penn State University by the NCAA are significant but some predict the worst is yet to come. After the University removed the statue of coach Joe Paterno, the NCAA announced the penalties against PSU. Actions have consequences. … Continue reading

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In the News (Links to see)

Pro-choice and pro-life? On abortion, Americans say ‘it’s complicated.’ Last week, Gallup released new data that, at first glance, appeared to show a significant change in Americans’ perspectives on abortion. The number of Americans who identify as “pro-choice” has dropped six … Continue reading

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Marriage debate in the news

Is Gay Marriage a matter of empathy or right? By Charles Krauthammer, (May 17) Is gay marriage for states to decide, a Constitutional right? (May 17) Dwight McKissic Debates Gay Marriage on The Laura Ingraham Show (May 17) Two views on same-sex marriage By George Dean … Continue reading

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Using resentment and envy to win the Presidency

I was recently interviewed by a University student as a project for his class on diversity. I told him how thankful I am that I don’t have any inclination to view people as better or worse based on race or … Continue reading

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