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Humble, loving, truth-telling Christians in community

As we live our calling to be humble, loving, truth-telling Christians in community – in mutual affection and honor for one another, the case is made for the power of the gospel to transform people. Continue reading

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A generation of deluded narcissists

Are we raising a generation of deluded narcissists? This question is being raised in view of a study showing that, “college students are more likely than ever to call themselves gifted and driven to succeed, even though their test scores and … Continue reading

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Unlocking the enigma of our existence

There are surprisingly few places to turn for thoughtful answers to the deeper questions about suffering, life and death. Continue reading

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Social idealism or a Savior?

After his horrific experience in the Gulag, the Russian dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn acknowledged that, “The victims hated their victimizers with the hatred by which they were victimized. And as hatred beget more hatred, the whole world became a concentration camp imprisoned and … Continue reading

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Thinking Deeply About Spiritual Transformation

You might want to get another sip of coffee before venturing with me into this post! If you’re brave enough, I am inviting you to think deeply about matters that have been the object of far too much superficial reflection. … Continue reading

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Counseling and the findings of Neuroscience

Terms like belief and unbelief; obedience and disobedience are part of a Biblical grammar of responsibility. Culpability and accountability are essential in relation to the bad news about sin; the good news of the divine gift of salvation, and the expectation of final judgment. Continue reading

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Are you raising a narcissist?

Do you know the 9 symptoms associated with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)?

This disorder is assigned to someone who meets five or more of the symptoms.

While psychiatrists caution against assigning personality disorders to people until at least age eighteen, it can’t hurt to watch for tendencies toward symptoms associated with disorders – especially regarding narcissistic personality disorder. 
Continue reading

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Rejecting a shelter mentality

When God’s people were exiled in Babylon, God continued to speak to them. He instructed his servant Jeremiah to write a letter to His exiled people. One word he wrote to them offered hope and assurance for their future: “This … Continue reading

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What’s your narrative for life?

What narrative do you follow for life? By narrative, I mean the way you choose to live your life. What do you base life on? What vision of life do you follow? What matters to you? What motivates you? What … Continue reading

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