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Can we be pro-life and support capital punishment?

NT Wright (who is brilliant on many subjects) is clearly wrong to suggest that, “you can’t reconcile being pro-life on abortion and pro-death on the death penalty.” This is a surprisingly simplistic view of what the Bible teaches. Opposing abortion and supporting the death penalty are both pro-life positions. Continue reading

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Sanctity or quality of life?

Are certain people better off dead, and may therefore be killed for their own good? Continue reading

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The history of Envy and how it spreads

Envy is a predatory and lethal motive. But what is the history of envy and how does it spread? Is there a cure for envy? Continue reading

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Two Very Creative Musicals


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Is capital punishment mandated by God?

Occasionally I am asked how I reconcile my pro-life position with my support of capital punishment. I answer by showing how both positions (pro-life and pro-capital punishment) endorse…. Continue reading

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The murder of abortionist George Tiller

“On Sunday, May 31, 2009, we were robbed when George Tiller was gunned down by a coward. Jeanne Tiller was robbed of her husband of many decades.  Their children were robbed of their father. Their ten grandchildren were robbed of … Continue reading

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