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Ministry from modern to postmodern times

Let’s embrace the challenge of seeking a better understanding of the shift to postmodernity and addressing it as a communication challenge for the gospel. Continue reading

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18-29 Year olds

I don’t pretend to be an expert in this area but I’ve been privileged to have more than 28 years of ministry working with those in the life phase of emerging adulthood. This also happens to be the age group of our four adult children. In view of this, I offer 10 suggestions for ministry as a means to better serve those we care deeply about. I also welcome feedback (correction, expansion, explanation, etc…). Continue reading

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The Blogosphere – opportunities, challenges and priorities

I am somewhat new to the Blogosphere. We didn’t even get a computer at our office unit 1992! And I started this blog late in 2007 — knowing very little about how things worked. But my ministry philosophy (from the … Continue reading

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A great opportunity!

In about an hour, I will be teaching two high school classes made up entirely of international students (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese) on why I hold a Christian worldview. We are also currently host parents to three Chinese boys for … Continue reading

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Stay out of the pews if you can’t fill the plate?

27 years ago, when we came to Millersville, Pennsylvania to plant a Church, a cynical pastor of another Church told me, “You have to do weird things to get students to come to Church.” This was probably his excuse for … Continue reading

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Differences between men and women

Why is sex a primary source of conflict in marriage? Continue reading

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God’s will for choosing a mate

The first question about marriage for those who desire God’s will is…. Continue reading

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10 guidelines for ministry to 18-29 yr olds

  Why would large groups of young people who have been force-fed large doses of tolerance want to listen to preachers like Mark Driscoll? Is it his raspy voice, black skateboarder’s jacket and white T-shirt? Or, Is it his “no-nonsense, in-your-face, I’ll … Continue reading

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