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The power of prayer

Does Jesus offer us a blank check to get what we want from God? How should we apply His promises on prayer? Are there limits? If so, how do we know the boundaries?

Answering these questions will possibly challenge some formidable assumptions held by many.
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Restoring dignity to Church membership

The deficiency in many churches is the casual procedure of adding new members without any challenge to commitment. Integrity in the membership process is the place to begin in restoring a high view of the Church.
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Unity or Uniformity in the Church?

Christians are free to establish their own conviction in areas of freedom, but they are not permitted to condemn those who do not share their opinions. If God has not specifically addressed a behavior, custom, activity, or doctrine, we are not allowed to manipulate biblical data to suggest that God has been specific on the matter. Continue reading

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MBC Family Life Conference 2012

Tomorrow (Sunday, June 3rd), Millersville Bible Church will host its annual “Family Life Conference.” It will begin at 8:20 a.m. The schedule is set up so that you may attend at least one, but possibly two seminars, as well as … Continue reading

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2010 Group Reading for MBC Elders

The trellis and the Vine: Which one consumes our focus and resources? How does the one relate to the other? Why are Churches so committed to the trellis at the expense of the vine? How can Churches make the shift … Continue reading

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Nice article in our newspaper on the Relationships 101 class

Check it out: Relationships 101 class news story Hundreds of singles and University students have taken this class! 

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Our story

Against all odds, the little Church has grown to over 500 attendees and now supports six full-time pastors and eight part-time staff. We’ve also supported missionaries and pastoral interns. Continue reading

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