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Four servants of God who battled fierce despair

Four servants of God. Each one reached an extremely low point in life. All of them felt that life was no longer worth living. Continue reading

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For those who battle discouragement

What should we do when maturity gives way to melancholy? Is it possible for restraint to be a cover up for disincentive or loss of motivation and hope? Can a sense of defeat lead to a deflated kind of resignation and then to cynicism and even bitterness? Continue reading

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Restoring Vital Optimism

According to historian John Keegan, in a particular battle during World War I, the British lost 70,000 troops and suffered an unthinkable number of wounded. With this loss, the British also lost a general mood of vital optimism that had … Continue reading

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Are you struggling with burnout?

Here is a great word for pastors (and others) who struggle with burnout: “When I find myself heading for burnout, more often than not I’ve lost the rhythms of rest and repentance and started to chase my idols. I take … Continue reading

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Choice thoughts from C. S. Lewis

What is the safest road to hell? Continue reading

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