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Loves musical crescendo!

Here is a life touched by the never-ceasing love of God in Christ. Continue reading

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Love anything and your heart will be…

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How to be a caring friend

Guidelines for being a caring friend – especially when offering counsel to others.

Answers won’t help if we don’t understand the actual problem. Sympathetic and discerning ears are key to caring for others. Continue reading

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Do everything in love

Emphasis, examples, and definitions of love that I need to review often. Continue reading

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Is salvation eternally secure?

Are you equipped to explain eternal salvation? Is it possible to lose one’s salvation?

6 Resources to help you help others. Continue reading

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An act of mercy to stop gossip

we gossip against them when we tell third parties what they have no business knowing. We act in mercy when we act in their good—to stop gossip rather than pass it on, to overlook offenses rather than make them known, to set aside unconfirmed information rather than believe it. Continue reading

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Love is patient and kind

Significant relationship improvement in two qualities… Continue reading

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Unless you become like little children?

Becoming childlike is not a reference to being “innocent as a child” or having the “simple faith of a child”. So what does it mean? Continue reading

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Can we earn God’s forgiveness?

We will never forgive others to the extent that Continue reading

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Love must be earned

Unable to pinpoint the cause of her unrest, Lindy finally broke. She hit a wall and admitted failure…personal, marital, parental, social, and to her dismay, even spiritual. Continue reading

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