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Do people in heaven exist as disembodied spirits?

If someone who knows Jesus Christ as Savior dies today, she goes directly to heaven. She leaves her physical body on earth until the resurrection. But will she exist as a disembodied spirit throughout the intermediate time between death and resurrection? Continue reading

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Sanctity or quality of life?

Are certain people better off dead, and may therefore be killed for their own good? Continue reading

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Life advice

This is so well said! Continue reading

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Faith in science?

Naive young people are vulnerable to the impression that science has conclusively proven that nothing beyond nature could have any conceivable relevance to what happens in nature. Continue reading

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A life of repentance

“Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.’” Sometimes I even need to repent of my repentance, as the Puritans confessed. Why? Because even in my repentance my heart wants to take pride in how repentant I am. Continue reading

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Boasting in the Cross?

A first century person would have been incredulous about placing a picture of a cross on anything. There was no greater symbol of death and utter humiliation than to hang helplessly on a cross! Being hung on a cross would have been considered a waste of life. Continue reading

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Pope is wrong about the Church

We must not fall for efforts to promote a false image of Christians as obsessed with abortion and gays. We must not be blindly manipulated into misguided self-criticism. Continue reading

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Syria, Abortion and Hypocrisy

It’s a bit difficult for me to think of America as the moral leader when it comes to the safety of children. Continue reading

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Generation 268

“Meaning is not a luxury for us. It is a kind of spiritual oxygen that enables our souls to live.”

3 necessities for living a fulfilled life Continue reading

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Will death get the last word?

Death is “the last enemy to be destroyed” (I Corinthians 15:26). I long for the world where “there will be no more death…” (Revelation 21:4). But until we enter that world, as the wise teacher wrote…. Continue reading

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