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Difficult times are coming

More and more people even in the Church are viewing God as one who ought to secure the good life for them. They think that God should respond to whatever is asked of him or risk disappointment from them. Continue reading

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Restoring dignity to Church membership

The deficiency in many churches is the casual procedure of adding new members without any challenge to commitment. Integrity in the membership process is the place to begin in restoring a high view of the Church.
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5 vulnerabilities in leadership

Leadership is a high calling that comes with great challenges. Consider five of them in this post. Continue reading

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Should we ignore certain people?

Why do some Churches and their leaders let pharisees set the agenda for their ministries? Continue reading

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In Step with the Master Teacher

According to the Master Teacher, the person who lives without making deep connections between earth and heaven lives in unreality. He might be a “man of the world” but if he thinks this is his only world, he is profoundly misguided. Continue reading

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Who is adequate for this?

Reason to pray for your pastors. Continue reading

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4 Essentials for leadership

Consider four essentials for effective leadership. Each one is framed as questions for personal evaluation. Continue reading

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