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Can we be pro-life and support capital punishment?

NT Wright (who is brilliant on many subjects) is clearly wrong to suggest that, “you can’t reconcile being pro-life on abortion and pro-death on the death penalty.” This is a surprisingly simplistic view of what the Bible teaches. Opposing abortion and supporting the death penalty are both pro-life positions. Continue reading

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Christ is the end of the Law

How do believers in Christ relate to the Old Testament Law? Continue reading

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Seven Guidelines for understanding Old Testament laws

Have you ever heard someone ridicule the Bible based on strange laws from the Old Testament? How should you respond? Seven things should be understood about Old Testament Law. The laws in the Old Testament were not given for the … Continue reading

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Should we obey OT law?

Are believers today under the Old Testament law? Continue reading

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Obama Administration warns every public school in America

What does it tell us about the Obama administration when they act as if the most urgent matter facing our country is the transgender debate? Enough is enough! They’re coming for our children. We cannot allow this intolerant coercion to control our schools and our lives! Continue reading

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Supreme Court – police officer wrongly demoted

A New Jersey police officer was demoted for picking up a political campaign sign for his bedridden mother. Continue reading

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Thinking deeply on marriage, gender and sexuality

Five audio messages to invite deeper reflection and conversation on marriage, gender and sexuality. Continue reading

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Only one response to Bruce Jenner’s sex change is allowed

Our society is increasingly controlled by a small group of people who tell the rest of us what we’re allowed to think and say on select moral issues. Continue reading

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No belief is true for everyone

“Nothing is universally true.”
“All generalizations are false.”
“No belief is true for everyone.”
“Everything is relative.”
“Everyone’s beliefs are true or false only relative to himself.” Continue reading

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The logic on redefining marriage

Marriage is available to everyone. Continue reading

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