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Antagonist alert (13 red flags)

The presence of one or more red flags does not guarantee that you are dealing with an antagonist. But it will give you fair warning to exercise caution. Continue reading

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Beware of the jerks (and jerkettes)

Are you a pushover for predatory jerks? This author suggests that, “we are living in a jungle and its full of hungry jerks.” Continue reading

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Are you raising a narcissist?

Do you know the 9 symptoms associated with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)?

This disorder is assigned to someone who meets five or more of the symptoms.

While psychiatrists caution against assigning personality disorders to people until at least age eighteen, it can’t hurt to watch for tendencies toward symptoms associated with disorders – especially regarding narcissistic personality disorder. 
Continue reading

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A jungle full of hungry jerks

  Are you a pushover for predatory jerks? In “Don’t Let the Jerks get the Best of You,” Dr. Paul Meier warns that, “we are living in a jungle and its full of hungry jerks.” If you need help dealing … Continue reading

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Easy prey for jerks

Are you an easy target for demanding people? Do people easily take advantage of you? Use you and drop you? Your problem might not be a string of bad luck in relationships. It’s more likely that you’re a pushover for predatory jerks. In … Continue reading

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