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Elentics and the Holy Spirit

All who care about reaching others with the goodnews of salvation must care about elentics Continue reading

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7 resources for spiritual maturity

Spiritual growth requires looking ahead and looking back. Continue reading

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Why do I feel so torn?

If you are a teacher in the Church or one who influences other followers of Christ, please make sure they understand the painful reality of the tension they will experience and how torn they will feel because of God’s Spirit living in them. The Christian life is one of tension between the already and the not yet. Continue reading

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3 characteristics of true Christians

If we compromise on #’s 2 & 3, we’ll cut the power line to # 1. Spiritual growth should deepen our commitments to #’s 2 & 3. Without this we will not experience # 1. Continue reading

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Have we misunderstood sowing and reaping?

Is there a purpose to these words (In the context of the book of Galatians) that has been largely overlooked?
Continue reading

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The Conflict We Didn’t Tell You About

Are we helping new believers understand the challenges and difficulties of the Christian life? Continue reading

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What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit?

Are you obeying the command to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Continue reading

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Reflections on the Spirit-filled life

Five reflections for individual believers and local Churches and three practical steps to take. Continue reading

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Relationship agreement

Apply this in all relationships – marriage and family, local church, small group… Continue reading

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What is the fruit of the Spirit?

After considering a brief explanation of each virtue in the fruit (singular) of the Spirit, we will apply the fruit of the Spirit as a covenant of shared life or community. Continue reading

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