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When your past revisits you

Is it possible to carry deep resentment without being aware of the power it holds over you? Consider the story of a woman who learned the power of suppressed resentment. Fifteen years after a tragic accident, she came to terms … Continue reading

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When trust is deeply broken

Don’t make the mistake of equating forgiveness and reconciliation. Continue reading

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Overcoming a painful past

  My grandfather was an alcoholic for most of his adult life. Like many alcoholics, he was functional during the day and drunk most nights. My mother recently told me that she never had a single meaningful conversation with her … Continue reading

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Five resources for guilt and forgiveness

  Dealing with guilt Eight possible reasons we still feel guilty Guarding cherished resentments A closer look at forgiveness Forgive or else!

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How people experience guilt and shame

All who care about reaching others with the goodnews of salvation must care about elentics. Continue reading

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To young leaders and Christian counselors (pt 2)

Five examples of counseling from real-life cases I ended my first post to young leaders by emphasizing that Christian counselors have a unique advantage of being holistically honest in dealing with human problems. We know that God has made us physical, … Continue reading

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Why do I still feel guilty?

Why do people struggle with guilt after confessing their sins to God? Why do they have difficultly accepting God’s forgiveness? Let me suggest eight possible reasons: Continue reading

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