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I will not remember your sins

You are living by the promise of I John 1:9 when you refuse to hold against yourself the sin God does not hold against you. Continue reading

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Breaking the hold of Guilt

Guilt is a message of disapproval sent to our minds which says, “You should be ashamed of yourself!” A constructive response to guilt is a grace-based, future-oriented, and an other-centered choice. Continue reading

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Biologically based sadness

Church people are sometimes well-intentioned but hurtful when they approach all discouragement as a matter of simple obedience to the Lord. Continue reading

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Questions about forgiveness

Does forgiveness require us to become morally neutral about right and wrong? Is forgiveness an imaginary zone of forgetfulness? Continue reading

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The great experience of forgiveness

Jesus said something that has perplexed and tormented people ever since he spoke it. Jesus warned about an unforgivable sin.  “And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will … Continue reading

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Promises we need

Audio: Do you struggle to forgive?

How does being forgiven affect other relationships? — “What should you expect?”
Continue reading

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5 resources for responding to guilt

Dealing with guilt Eight possible reasons we still feel guilty Guarding cherished resentments A closer look at forgiveness Forgive, or else!

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When your past revisits you

Is it possible to carry deep resentment without being aware of the power it holds over you? Consider the story of a woman who learned the power of suppressed resentment. Fifteen years after a tragic accident, she came to terms … Continue reading

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When trust is deeply broken

Don’t make the mistake of equating forgiveness and reconciliation. Continue reading

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Overcoming a painful past

Overcoming a problem can only begin when we admit we have it and recognize how it’s affecting (and perhaps hurting) us and those around us. Continue reading

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