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The Lord’s calf is dead

I have bad news to give you. The Lord’s calf is dead. Continue reading

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The government should pay for…

Change the way you talk about government. Continue reading

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Myth about the First Amendment

Our Sunday News recently asked me to be a voice to balance the weekly columns of the assistant editor. He generates the most reader response for the paper but writes from more of a left-side, liberal perspective (labels I am a … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street and The Tea Party

  It would be unfair to suggest that the Occupy Wall Street folks do not have any legitimate concerns about things that are badly broken in our political, social and judicial system. I could form a list of my own … Continue reading

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How then shall we give? 10 principles

I couldn’t believe what I heard. “We don’t want them in the pews if they can’t put it in the plate.” Our story I am in my 30th year of ministry at our Church and I’ve been greatly blessed to … Continue reading

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What is your attitude toward giving?

“During the lean years of minimal salary, it would have been easy and was tempting to argue that our sacrifice in not pursuing a more lucrative path of life should count for at least part of our giving.” ________________________________________________________________________ Do … Continue reading

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