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Is God’s will specifically revealed?

No amount of prayer will give us the authority to drop the “if” from our plans. Christians should therefore not say, “we prayed fervently about this plan and we know God is going to accomplish it.” James would say, “Where is your ‘if’?” But what about circumstantial signs, opened doors, inner impressions, or feeling called by God? Continue reading

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Confusing faith and science

When teachers suggest that the science of evolution leads to the philosophy of naturalism, they give students the misleading impression that the science of evolution offers more than it is capable of telling us. Continue reading

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The “God Particle” – elusive piece to cosmic puzzle discovered

Imagine a room full of ecstatic scientists! A little hard to do? Well, at the world’s largest atom smasher (the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, a 17 mile circular underground tunnel), scientists broke into cheers (and even singing) as they announced that … Continue reading

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