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You will be resurrected

How final is death? Should we expect to be resurrected? Continue reading

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My first funeral (a suicide)

There was standing room only at the funeral parlor as I faced some rather austere men and women dressed in the old black garb common to conservative Mennonites. Continue reading

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Christ appears in Heaven for us!

Heaven is so desirable not because of the absence suffering (as great as this will be), nor because of our reunion with those who died before us (as wonderful as this will be). Heaven is so desirable because… Continue reading

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Meeting the God of all comfort

What happens to us when we have unrealistic expectation for health and emotional happiness? Are we likely to be more easily disappointed and discouraged? Continue reading

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A challenging week ahead

I feel too numb to know what I feel right now (does that make sense?). I am sure the waves will hit. Yet I also feel a mantle of responsibility to carry on… Continue reading

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Good advice for counselors of the dying

“I am convinced that God wants believers to ‘die slowly.’ Believers are not to cling to the trappings of this life till the very end. Rather we should slowly lose our grip on this world as our affections are gradually transferred to the … Continue reading

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Funerals are better than parties?

You can be fully prepared to face death. Continue reading

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