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No public safe zone for disagreeing with gay lifestyle

Is it even possible anymore to believe that marriage is meant for male and female without being accused of hate or bigotry? We can trash Tim Tebow for his faith all day long without consequence, but we dare not say anything about Michael Sam’s preference for sex with men. Those who openly flaunt their homosexuality must not be challenged in any way. Continue reading

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A Great Story!

Middle School Football Team goes Behind Coaches’ Backs To Do Something great! Continue reading

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Too Religious for Sports?

A conservative Mennonite Church in our area prohibits members from participating in “organized contesting ball teams.” Those who do such things are guilty of “participating in the world’s methods of pleasure-seeking.”   In his recent column in the New York Times, David Brooks … Continue reading

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“And this how you do me!!!”

How does God relate to athletics? Is God the source behind made shots and goals scored? Does he get credit for great hits or amazing catches? Athletes point fingers to the sky and give God praise in post game interviews. … Continue reading

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