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Is religion the primary cause of violence?

Religion divides but is it the primary source of most, if not all, of the violent enmities of the world? Continue reading

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Faith in science?

Naive young people are vulnerable to the impression that science has conclusively proven that nothing beyond nature could have any conceivable relevance to what happens in nature. Continue reading

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We serve no sovereign here

We now live in bondage under the final authority of the individual will, whose impulses and decisions are their own moral index. Even our religion betrays our inviolable spirit of autonomy. Continue reading

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Myth about the First Amendment

Our Sunday News recently asked me to be a voice to balance the weekly columns of the assistant editor. He generates the most reader response for the paper but writes from more of a left-side, liberal perspective (labels I am a … Continue reading

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Religion won’t help you

________________ Although Christianity is classified among the religions of the world, I am quite sure Jesus would not want any association with religion. _______________ Religion is based in human efforts to appease a god. Christianity is about God drawing people … Continue reading

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Theophobia: Fear of religion in the Academy

A closer look at the discomfort in the Academy regarding religion. The Academy has an irrational fear of religion or “Theo-phobia.” Continue reading

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Christian witness and the tyranny of tolerance

  “The strategy for dealing with religious and  moral  disagreement is: ‘You don’t go there” (Soul  Searching,  Christian Smith). Those who study trends in Christian missions tell us that in the very near future America will cease to be the primary … Continue reading

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We won the Lotto for life in universe?

In The Grand Design, co-authors, Stephen Hawkings and Leonard Mlodinow want us to believe that, “…the latest advances in cosmology explain why the laws of the universe seem tailor-made for humans, without the need for a benevolent creator.” In their … Continue reading

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The Enchanting tale of Enlightenment

“Once upon a time, Western humanity was the cosseted and incurious ward of Mother Church; during this, the age of faith, culture stagnated, science languished, wars of religion were routinely waged, witches were burned by inquisitors, and Western humanity labored … Continue reading

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Brit Humes remarks about Tiger Woods

Need some thoughtful response to Brit Hume’s expressions of concern for Tiger Woods? Something more than typical knee-jerk reactions? Michael Gerson’s column in The Washington Post, (Brit Hume’s Tiger Woods remarks shine light on true intolerance, 1-8-2010), is the place to … Continue reading

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