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Whose Idols are in the way?

The anger, frustration, discouragement, irritation, impatience, and fear that parents feel during the teen years not only reveal that the teen is struggling, but that the parents are as well. Continue reading

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Formula E429 could change your life!

Think of how many times we could defuse a situation by choosing better words and tones. But don’t miss my WARNING LABEL! Continue reading

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The role of motivation in parenting (pt. 2)

Like all godly parents, Solomon gives his son instruction and warning about the realities that will confront and test him in the world. The early chapters of Proverbs reveal how Solomon wants his son to realize that life in the … Continue reading

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The role of motivation in parenting (pt. 1)

This father desires for his son long life and prosperity (v.2); favor and a good name in the sight of God and man (v.4); straight or correct paths for his son’s feet (v.6); physical health and well-being (v.8) and overflowing provision of the physical necessities of life (v.9). But how should motivation be employed in parenting? The book of Proverbs offers helpful insights on this question. Continue reading

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When parenting is the problem

Sometimes we too quickly connect the bad behavior of children with a parenting deficit. Other times we fail to make needed connections between parenting or the bad example we’ve set and the outcomes in our children. Continue reading

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Listen. Learn. Live.

7 short clips from my daily programs on WJTL 90.3 FM Continue reading

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Conflict – an opportunity to grow stronger

The key to unity in a family or Church is not the removal of all conflict but a deeply shared commitment to work through our differences and pursue reconciliation based on God’s love for us in Christ. Continue reading

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Alternatives to prison needed

We’ve created a serious and often overlooked national crisis in overcrowded prisons. The average citizen is unaware of how bad it is and of the growing tax burden it creates. Continue reading

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Leading our children to faith in Christ

How can we lead them away from bad behavior and commend them for good behavior while teaching them how desperately they need God’s grace as sinners? Continue reading

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A closer look at parenting

Parenting ought to start with large amounts of control designed to progressively prepare our children to take responsibility for themselves. Parenting should move from control to influence as children grow up. Continue reading

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