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Facebook guidelines for pastors and others

(7 Do’s – 7 Don’ts – 7 Questions) Social networks have become the way people connect and communicate. Like other mediums of communication, Twitter and Facebook have both positive and negative potential. A very sad use of Facebook recently came … Continue reading

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Facebook: stop and think about it

  I decided it might be good to repost some helpful articles about our use of Facebook. I am not interested in any crusades against it but just some more reflective use of it. The four items below offer helpful … Continue reading

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A critique of bloggers

Over the years, I’ve remained a big fan of MARS HILL AUDIO. Ken Myers has done a great service of cultural assessment for many years. I recently read a piece by him discussing Lee Siegel’s book, Against the Machine: Being Human … Continue reading

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Facebook photos: good, bad and ugly

Are Facebook photos always innocent? Consider a few thoughts about Facebook photos – the good, the bad and the ugly. The Good: reconnecting with old friends Facebook photos we can help us reconnect with friends and see their family without being invited … Continue reading

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When leaders update and tweet (Do’s and Don’ts)

Since the words of a leader carry more weight, they should be weighed more carefully — especially when offered publicly. Continue reading

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Facebook is for narcissistic people?

According to a study by a York University psychology student, narcissistic people suffering from low self-esteem “gravitate toward Facebook as a self-promotional tool and tend to be heavier users of the site.” No surprise here. But what about typical users … Continue reading

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